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What do you use for colouring your art?

 I do all my art in paint tool SAI. it works very well for me uwu

well I like your OCs

Ah, thank you! 

It’s just I have such a massive amount of them, most of them I’m unable to use ;v; I can only be active with two or three at a time, really. 

But I’m glad you like them!

I need to stop making ocs…

I will:

  • Furries
  • Mild gore
  • Quads/Animals
  • Simple robots

I will not:

  • NSFW
  • Nudity
  • Excessive gore
  • Mechas

Payments made through paypal only. 

Contact me through tumblr asks, though may be moved to e-mail if you prefer. 

Ah, it's not exactly a request, but more of a suggestion? If you don't feel inspired to draw, but want to draw, try going out for a walk or something and pay attention to the world around you! People strike interesting poses, stories can be told in one scene, and beauty is everywhere (as well as cruelty). Enjoy !

heheh. thank you for the suggestion. I would do that, but im feeling kind of physically drained at the moment. deep thought like that is nice, but i’m not really feeling up to it… i’ll try that later though!

i feel the need to draw, but my brain is empty…

any requests?

idk where you live, but I'm in the NYC area, and I've heard predictions of snow starting about four or five PM!! So keep hoping for the beautiful snow!

It’s started a little bit now! I’m just really excited and anticipatory of it because all my teachers were very expectant about school being closed monday and I’m really eager for that, so I just really want the snow eue

when a lot of snow is predicted but nothing’s come yet…

when a lot of snow is predicted but nothing’s come yet…

Elsa as a waterbender??
Elsa as a waterbender.

Elsa as a waterbender??

Elsa as a waterbender.

I have recently seen your drawing of the shadow that portrays paranoia and wow you were so spot on I cried like its all so relevant...

I’m glad you like it ^.^’ and I’m glad it seems relevant. It was drawn as a vent for my own emotions, so it’s nice that other people can relate.